Anne  My name is Lady Anne and I live in a largish village in the east midlands of England.

I was born the youngest of a family of eight children and had such a very happy childhood. Although I was very much a loner, I loved having my family around me but I didn’t mix with them all so much as watched from the side lines.

I was an average student at school although I came across as being intelligent I struggled academically but later in life I was found to be dyslexic which mad so much sense later in my life. I decided I wanted to become a chief so I started out on my cooking journey by working at a local junior school in the kitchen where I was taught all the basics of catering for larger numbers. I did do a Carte un blu catering course which stood me in good stead. But as time went on I found I couldn’t take the heat in the kitchens so had to find a job or profession I could do so I tried lots of different jobs but nothing seemed to hit me as something I wanted to do. I took a job at the hospital thinking it would be nice to be helping others, it was a cleaning job but I could stand back and see what everything was about and after a while I decided I would work as an nursing auxiliary  and found my place in life, so after some time and much pressure from the nurses I worked with decided to train as a nurse and loved it although I found the academic side hard work I found my place in life. I eventually started work on the community as a nurse and loved visiting patients in their own homes as it was dealing with the whole family.

My time as a child was a time that I was seeing Spirit and loved to play with my spirit friends but as I became a teen life was hard trying to keep spiritual people in my life as my friends thought I was weird so I found it easier to ignore them and pretend they weren’t there. Later in my life the women in my family used to go out on Tuesday evenings and we each took it in turns to choose where we would go and one week my sister in law chose a Spiritualist Church and I sat there listening to the medium giving messages from their loved one to people in the congregation and I thought to myself “I can do that!” and that opened up my new journey onto my spiritual life. I did some training and at weekends I would travel to different churches around the country serving Spiritualist Churches. It was about that time that I hurt my back at work and had to retire from nursing so my church work took over eventually when I could move around better. I used to teach others how to communicate with the so called dead and it was wonderful to see so many people find a joy in connecting to the Spirit World.

As to more personal stuff I had three failed marriages and decided I was best to be on my own, I had one beautiful daughter, Maria who went on and gave me three beautiful granddaughters who I adore. Gemma my eldest Granddaughter has given me three handsome Great Grandson, Victoria has given me my beautiful Great Granddaughter. So I have a gorgeous family and we are all very close and have lots of love to share with others. Although I swore I wouldn’t marry again I did meet my Ian through very mysterious ways and yes we married and I found happiness with a partner and we got married up in Yorkshire at my friends Spiritual Church “Fir Trees”  Spaldington, Nr Howden, Yorkshire, DN4 7NO which a beautiful church and was built with love.

To be continued….