Gemma in Training

I have another scrapbook page to share with you today, I have really enjoyed doing the Boot-Camp with Carole Cassel 

I used to play a lot with Paintshop Prob but then after years away from it I couldn’t remember a lot and the program had changed so much in the years I hadn’t done any work with it. So joining Carole’s classes has been fun and I am learning such a lot. Then Carole put on a Boot-Camp for scrapbooking it was free and for a week and I really enjoyed making up these pages.

This one is of Gemma my Granddaughter who I’m so proud of as she lost a load of weight and started going to the gym and is so healthy now. I had these photos of her at the gym so thought I would make up a scrapbook page of them. What do you think?

Thank you for popping in and visiting with me, I hope you have time to leave a comment as I do love to read what you think.

With Love ~ lady Anne xx

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