Stopper Toppers

A lady in America was making these but she doesn’t send outside of the USA so I did buy one from her and used my friend Debbie’s address and then she sent it over to me, which was very kind of her to do so.

My husband saw it and said he could make them which he did and he made a couple of orders up for a couple of people and made me another one. I thought I would share them on here for you to see.

Stopper Topper

Ian uses real beads not plastic ones which sparkle when you use it, I love mine. I love using it as I can never find the pin which I use to put in the hole to stop the glue from drying out. Now I can find it easily. It was a super idea from West Texas Sass.

Ian makes them if you would like one leave a comment below and I shall contact you. He charges £7 for each one. They come in assorted colours.

Thank you for stopping by today I appreciate it and love to read your comments…

Love ~ Lady Anne xxx

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