How to make the Birthday Book

Tutorial for the Birthday Book

This is my first tutorial, so I do hope you will be able to follow it alright. I have made quite a few of these and people seem to love them as it helps to keep on track with birthdays and Anniversaries.


  • 2 pieces of chipboard a substantial weight 13.5 inches x 8.5 inches and 1 piece for the spine 3 inches x 13.5 inches.

12 sheets A4 card: 6 sheets 11 x 8.25 inches 6 sheets 11 x 7.25 for the pages 12 pieces of card 11 x 4 inches for inside pockets


  • Pages: 6 pieces of card 11 x 8.25 score on both long sides 0.5 inches, add double sided tape to the scored bits.


  • 6 pieces of 11 x 7.25 inches take one of the above and stick them together, so it makes a long tube.



This is what makes the pages.

  • To add the pockets, you need to score both 4 inch sides of the 11 X 4 and one side of the long 11 inch sides. This makes the pocket so put double sided tape on all three sides and cut the corners as demonstrated in the picture below. Add a pocket either side of each page as each side is for one month.



  • Covers You need to cut two pieces of card 13 X 7 inches (this could vary to what you would like, I have it 2 inches either side of the spine which goes onto the cover.
  • They the 2 covers with the spine in the middle making sure there is about 1/8 inch between the spine and the covers, which allows room for the cover to open, you can use a piece of the chipboard to use as a spacer.
  • Apply double sided tape to the whole of the spine piece inside and out. I put some double-sided tape on the edges of the both covers on the spine side also on the edges of the card which will be applied to the spine and cover.


  • Centre the spine onto the card and then remembering to leave the space place the covers down on the card next to the spine rub it well to make sure it has all stuck down either with a bone folder or your hand. Do this both sides of the cover.


  • Hinge, I used the Hidden Hinge Plus ™ U. S. Patent No. 9,630,441 as you might guess I cannot put this into this tutorial but here is the link to how to do this system and to Kathy Orta King website click HERE It is the best hinge I have used and it allows you to be able to open the book fully.
  • Once you have the hinge: I made it to add 7 pages but you can do it for 6 pages one each for each month of the year. I added the extra page for spare cards and envelopes.
  • It is best to snip the corners of each phalanges but only cut to the first score line as that is where the page will sit.


  •  Now you add each page but remember only to add it to the top of the phalange so you are left with a gap I did it 0.5 inch. I have done took a photo but using a different colour so you can see how I added the page, I also drew the line in on the score line.



Hope you don’t take any notice of my dirty mat! This should complete the basic book so all you need to do it to decorate it add the months to each page and you have a birthday book.

I did add pockets to the front and back inside covers which can be used for bits and bobs to keep safe, like address book or spare cards or envelopes.

I did make a template to use for adding people to the book, with their addresses I have it below for you to download and use.

Birthday book Date Card

This has been my first tutorial so I hope you can follow it alright. Good luck and have fun…


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