Gemma in Training

I have another scrapbook page to share with you today, I have really enjoyed doing the Boot-Camp with Carole Cassel 

I used to play a lot with Paintshop Prob but then after years away from it I couldn’t remember a lot and the program had changed so much in the years I hadn’t done any work with it. So joining Carole’s classes has been fun and I am learning such a lot. Then Carole put on a Boot-Camp for scrapbooking it was free and for a week and I really enjoyed making up these pages.

This one is of Gemma my Granddaughter who I’m so proud of as she lost a load of weight and started going to the gym and is so healthy now. I had these photos of her at the gym so thought I would make up a scrapbook page of them. What do you think?

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4 Generations

I want to share with you my next scrapbook page which I made using a photo of myself with my Daughter, Granddaughters and Great Grandchildren. I’m so lucky to have such joy in my life. They are all so very special.

I think this year we will need to have another family photo session so we can have an up to date picture. We like to do this so we can add them to our loving memories.

I loved this so much I had to make up another one using the photo of my Great Grandchildren Such lovely children, who are growing up rapidly.

These photos were taken back in 2015 so it is time to get some new ones.

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Day 2 of the BootCamp

I decided to do one of my Granddaughter Natalie, I had this lovely photo of her with her little Chihuahua, who she rescued. he adores her but I think it is reciprocated *smile*

I loved the colours with this kit “12 months of January” by Sweet-Shop 

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My Creation A 1st

I am doing a scrap Boot-Camp which I am really enjoying. I used to do so much work in Paintshop Pro but over the last few years I have been doing more on the physical paper crafts but of late I have been playing again in my PSP but have forgotten such a lot and over the years the program has change quite a bit. I now have the latest version Paintshop Pro 2019.

I thought I would show you my home work each time to let you see what i am doing, I hope you will enjoy going on this journey with me. Here is my first proper page:

This is my Mum who at the age of 89 had her ears pierced for the first time, I was so proud of her. She had always wanted to have them done but was afraid to get it done. We were visiting my sister in Alberta Canada when she decided to be brave and have them done. She was so happy and was showing them to everyone. Mum passed to the higher life back in 2006 but photos such as these keep the memory of her alive. All the more reason to do these scrapbook pages.

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Eden’s Journal

Today i completed a Travel Journal for my little Great Niece Eden who is four years old and has a Mummy who loves her to do things which teaches her, such as crafts, painting etc. So I asked Eden’s nanny if she thought Eden would use a journal and the answer was YES!!! So I set too to make one for her. She loves nature or any animals so I have used that for theme. I hope you will enjoying browsing through these pages. I have taken photos of all the pages but there are enough for you to get the idea.

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Little Travel Journal

I hope you enjoy looking at this cute little Travel Journal I have made it is only small but it can be placed in your handbag/purse to use whilst out and about.



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Feather_Lady Anne_2 inch

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Stopper Toppers

A lady in America was making these but she doesn’t send outside of the USA so I did buy one from her and used my friend Debbie’s address and then she sent it over to me, which was very kind of her to do so.

My husband saw it and said he could make them which he did and he made a couple of orders up for a couple of people and made me another one. I thought I would share them on here for you to see.

Stopper Topper

Ian uses real beads not plastic ones which sparkle when you use it, I love mine. I love using it as I can never find the pin which I use to put in the hole to stop the glue from drying out. Now I can find it easily. It was a super idea from West Texas Sass.

Ian makes them if you would like one leave a comment below and I shall contact you. He charges £7 for each one. They come in assorted colours.

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A small folder file

Good evening friends and family, I made this Envelope Front file folder up to give as a swap. I thought I would share it with you all. I wonder what you think? I would love to know.

Faux envelope front37335344_10215239148385772_1632624138449321984_n.jpg36258391_10215239150105815_2541382000728604672_n.jpg37335344_10215239148385772_1632624138449321984_n

It was fun to make and I loved how it turned out. The actual envelope can still be used to hold goodies if you want too. Such a fun swap.



Altered Jigsaw Puzzle pieces

Good morning friends,

I haven’t been around much over the last few months but I thought i would come and show you my Altered puzzle pieces which at first I didn’t like the sound off and wasn’t going to bother but then I was persuaded to have a go at them for a swap. My friend even sent me some puzzle pieces to use *grin* Anyway I love them and when it came around to do some Christmas ones I jumped straight in and thought I would show them to you and see what you think of them.


Then I remember that I had to make vintage ones so I have put these on my memory tree which Ian made to add anything in remembrance of our loved ones who have died/passed/gone on.
Anyway here are the two I made in the vintage style, it was difficult to photo them as they kept moving around *giggle* but you should be able to get the gist of it.


I would love to know what you think of them….


How to make the Birthday Book

Tutorial for the Birthday Book

This is my first tutorial, so I do hope you will be able to follow it alright. I have made quite a few of these and people seem to love them as it helps to keep on track with birthdays and Anniversaries.


  • 2 pieces of chipboard a substantial weight 13.5 inches x 8.5 inches and 1 piece for the spine 3 inches x 13.5 inches.

12 sheets A4 card: 6 sheets 11 x 8.25 inches 6 sheets 11 x 7.25 for the pages 12 pieces of card 11 x 4 inches for inside pockets


  • Pages: 6 pieces of card 11 x 8.25 score on both long sides 0.5 inches, add double sided tape to the scored bits.


  • 6 pieces of 11 x 7.25 inches take one of the above and stick them together, so it makes a long tube.



This is what makes the pages.

  • To add the pockets, you need to score both 4 inch sides of the 11 X 4 and one side of the long 11 inch sides. This makes the pocket so put double sided tape on all three sides and cut the corners as demonstrated in the picture below. Add a pocket either side of each page as each side is for one month.



  • Covers You need to cut two pieces of card 13 X 7 inches (this could vary to what you would like, I have it 2 inches either side of the spine which goes onto the cover.
  • They the 2 covers with the spine in the middle making sure there is about 1/8 inch between the spine and the covers, which allows room for the cover to open, you can use a piece of the chipboard to use as a spacer.
  • Apply double sided tape to the whole of the spine piece inside and out. I put some double-sided tape on the edges of the both covers on the spine side also on the edges of the card which will be applied to the spine and cover.


  • Centre the spine onto the card and then remembering to leave the space place the covers down on the card next to the spine rub it well to make sure it has all stuck down either with a bone folder or your hand. Do this both sides of the cover.


  • Hinge, I used the Hidden Hinge Plus ™ U. S. Patent No. 9,630,441 as you might guess I cannot put this into this tutorial but here is the link to how to do this system and to Kathy Orta King website click HERE It is the best hinge I have used and it allows you to be able to open the book fully.
  • Once you have the hinge: I made it to add 7 pages but you can do it for 6 pages one each for each month of the year. I added the extra page for spare cards and envelopes.
  • It is best to snip the corners of each phalanges but only cut to the first score line as that is where the page will sit.


  •  Now you add each page but remember only to add it to the top of the phalange so you are left with a gap I did it 0.5 inch. I have done took a photo but using a different colour so you can see how I added the page, I also drew the line in on the score line.



Hope you don’t take any notice of my dirty mat! This should complete the basic book so all you need to do it to decorate it add the months to each page and you have a birthday book.

I did add pockets to the front and back inside covers which can be used for bits and bobs to keep safe, like address book or spare cards or envelopes.

I did make a template to use for adding people to the book, with their addresses I have it below for you to download and use.

Birthday book Date Card

This has been my first tutorial so I hope you can follow it alright. Good luck and have fun…